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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 10, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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the arrest of a felon for killing his own mother. >> and a big winner in the state budget, california schools. it's a windfall off about location. . good evening it's thursday january 10th. >> it is shaping up to be 1 of the coldest nights of the season with a freeze warning for parts of the bay area. it's a top 7 at 7. here's tracking temperatures and how cold it will get overnight. live in san jose where volunteers are trying their best to keep the cold snap from being life or death. >> . >> reporter: it is a cold night and that can be changerous for the vulnerable -- danger routs
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for the vulner -- dangerous for vulnerable. the scene reminds you for some, the cold snap is something to fear while others get to embrace the scenic sues. >> a frosty mount hamilton was a gliltery picture people saw from -- glittery picture that the cold weather had taken a drop. people had to come see it for themselves. >> it was a nice time too come up. >> what is impressing you the most. >> the frosting on the trees, just the view of the valley both north and south. >> too cold? >> not cold at all. >> cold, but not unbearably cold. >> the cold weather began to leave its mark as black ice began to form on the roads. >> the conditions can be very dangerous for icy roads, sharp turns very cold temperatures. >> and as the homeless were
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delivered blanketings, it can be life threatening to the vulnerable. >> people live out here. i talked to people just a minute ago i've learned for 20 years and he combhu 5 people that died this -- knew 5 people that died. >> blankets help a lot. it gets very cold. >> it helps me stay warm. >> we will see how much it helps when we follow the blanket giveaway tonight on our 10:00 news. ctvu channel 2 -- ktvu channel 2 news. . >> the cold weather pattern has been settling in and with the clearing skies temperatures have been dropping you-all this evening setting the stage for this frost advisory out toward the bay show. temperatures in the low to mid 30s, around 30 to 35 degrees with more concern in the freeze warning that kicks in overnight. this is for friday and also saturday morning. the freeze warning in place for
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the north bay, the inland valleys and out toward the sanda clara valley. -- santa clara valley. >> already dropping down. look at fairfield in the upper 30s, lots of 40s for santa rosa, 48, san jose at 47. the weather changes you can february the -- for the upcoming weekend. a machine accused of getting his gifd on prior -- girlfriend on fire pleaded not guilt. 22-year-old decks teroliver doused star lamar with -- dexter ol liver. they got in an argument at a laundry mat. >> we are, i think, very pleased to see this scene as a public safety issue, a victim safety issue, safety for the
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family first, safety for her children. >> oliver faces attempted mayhem, and torture. he couldn't sent to prison for lfr. -- he could be sent prison for life. creature was discovered in a home in castro, along with 34 pounds of 34 marijuana. >> the creature was taken to the oakland zoo and found to be in poor health employ the owner is now facing -- he did not enter a police. a former death row are inmate is suspected in the death of his own mother. 7-year-old dennis stan wick called 911 yesterday. officers went to his home on
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mash marsh field road. he was patrolled in 1990. an until of 1 of the murder victims questions that decision. >> i worry about our system letting him out again. i really do. but, i have a gun and i know how to use it. >> he is a registered sex offender who admitted raping others. he is expectd if court tomorrow or monday. continuing coverage for the california budget was unveiled today. the governor said his budget will avoid the boom and bust mentality. it was reduce the deficit, pay down debl and keep spending with in our -- debt and keep spending within our means. >> i will say no because
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california is saying yes in a very progressive way on many different levels. budget anticipates an $851 million surplus, even though a nearly $2 billion deficit is expected. >> the governor proposes a $2.7 billion increase in money for schools with an emphasis on low income districts. >> growing up in comp to compton or richmond is not growing up like la. >> being able to kind of level the playing field, it will definitely help us. bee are do have -- we do have
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economic challenges and socially. >> his proposal would power money into poor school districts with low income, efrnglish second lang --english second language students. >> our education depends on disproportionly funding those schools that have challenges. >> every student qualifies for free lunch and would benefit for state money. >> i'm skeptical. i like what's being talked about. it would be exciting to see us really be able to compete. >> the rating standards here means not gaining ground on the peninsula. the district would face slashes to its budget with the proposal today. >> our district could lose about $4 million roughly. >> that's a lot of money the
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district can't make up. >> for now, california districts are in a holding patten waiting to see how money will be split up in the coming year. restore, relive. >> in san francisco today, protest ors gathered on the -- protestors gathered today. these demonstrators say they want to disannualed budget cuts -- disabled for california's most vulnerable citizens. ktvu's has more. look for the bay area news tap -- tab on the homepage. >> according to new numbers from the labor department applications increased to just over 365,000. that is a 4-year low. commits say the figures indicate
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stability in the labor market. >> stocks wined on a winning note. nasdaq added 15. improving economic growth in trooper and china. health officials are warning the current flu season could be worst in a decade. during the same time in 2011, 849 flu cases, 26 times more cases. >> the form of fla a, which is the h -- flu a, which is the htn frame, that particular virus is a more prodominant season. >> california is not 1 of the hard hit states but the virus is spreads and recommend a flu
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shot. >> ambien for women, new reseven shows the active in -- research lingers in the bloodstream and can cause grogginess and impairment in the morning. that could increase the risk of car accidents. the recommended dose for women is being cut in half employ. junior seau was suffering from disease when he killed himself last may. his family asked the national institute of health to study his brain t. had abnormalities with blows to the head. the nfl now faces lawsuits from 4,000 former players who say the league withheld information about the effects of concussions. a major league baseball and its players union have greened to expand -- graebed to expand
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its budget test -- agreed to expand its budget season. this is the first time any professional sport will test fhgh. under the -- for hgh. tests were only done during spring training. in addition, major league baseball says it will keep records of each player levels. a school shooting in a california schools a bad situation that was prevented from being much worse. a moving mess alg dlined from -- message by young people for young people. he was upside down. he was alive. >> risking life and limb, the her rowic effort to help the truck driver -- heroic effort to help the driver in this crash. a
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. a skwaen-year-old is in critical con-- 16-year-old is in critical condition after being shot. the teenage boy walked into a class at tap union high school armed with a shotgun. >> it is about 40 miles southwest of bakers field. school is canceled tomorrow. man bay area schools are putting in safety measures. the school district has asked teachers to lock their classroom doors from the inside during the school day. meantime, administrators say they're bring nothing consult -- bringing in consultants. joe biden next day with representatives including the national rifle association, has
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he gathers input for gun control legislation. concensus around -- the nra accused the task force of attacking the second amendment. >> it's a mural with a message. they hope it can break a cycle of violence. >> here's a story of a movable work of art meant to move people. >> reporter: the 28-foot long mural is called the tree of life. it is a construction site important to the oakland community. it represents hope and forgiveness. >> the tree of life mural was unveiled to west oakland today. it's an expression of concern to an acknowledgement of lost young lives. >> i say there's nothing to be care -- scared of because we live here and it's -- west oakland's beautiful. >> even 1 of the credit airports was him -- credit
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creators was shot. >> it is in front of the site where the west oakland youth center will stand. >> our young people have witnessed so much violence and tragedy. >> congresswoman barbara lee told user in city -- inner city gun rivens will not stop without -- violence will not stop without some comprehensive violence effortings put in place. >> the youth center is -- efforts put in place. >> i'd like to see this place open and violence to stop because it's killing off the future of oakland. >> the mural will stay at this site until april. they'll take it around the city to inspire others. >> ktvu news. will we have to wait a little longer to see the bay
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bridge light show. we'll give you a live look at the bridge right now. organizers had planned on testing a special art installation on the western span but tonight they turned the lights on and off to make sure they work. it is created to mark the bridge's 75th anniversary. almost half of the led lights have already been strung args long the cables. it will be unveiled march fifth. >> stephen spell burg's lincoln -- spielberg was norm 98ed for 12 academy award -- nominated for 12 awards. autobest picture nominee this year include a mor, argo,
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django, and 0 dark 30. conditioning coverage of the tanker that sideswiped, here you can see the bumper is damaged but still adds some strength. it needs to be fixed as quickly as possible and hopes to use emergency powers. unless it's fixed, another hit by a bigship was damage the bridge -- big,ship could damage the bridge itself. >> a truck driver died in a firery crack in vallejo. it closed the highway for hours. 3 men risked their lives. >> perry hooky suffered second degree blurbs on his arm trying
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to save a man he never knew -- burns on a man he didn't know. >> it all happened around 6:30 this morning. the highway patrol says the big rig and pick up collided. it fell 30 feet into a graspy area near so -- grassy area near sonoma boulevard. >> i heard a loud explosion, almost like a shotgun blast. >> 2 other men arrived at the same time and saw flaws growing from the back -- saw flames growing from the back of the cab. >> i'm not going on watch this guy burn to death so i crawled into what was left of the truck and i saw he was completely still restrained. he was upside down. he was alive, and i could see the bottle of his shoe was already on fire, and i told the guy, i was, like, come on, we've got to get this guy out. >> the men carried the man away
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and the big rig went up in flames. the driver never regained consciousness and died. the corneidentified him as 43-year-old -- corner identified him as woman balla -- william ballard. the men's names were never identified. >> channel 2 news. >> santa clara county authorities have charged a woman who lives in hawaii with stealing 4 human thousand dollar from the none nauf -- nour hundred thousand dollar. -- $400,000. he cooked up receipts. she could face 9 years in frifrn. >> in you're on the market in a -- prison. >> now is your chance to soak it in if you're looking for a new car. the south bay car show opened
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its doors today. the real cold is just setting in. made rolths mark tamay -- meteorologist will tell us how long the cold spap will last . well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months.
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eteorologist mark tamay -- meteorologist will tell us how long the cold snap will last. . a meeting to discuss fire department got underway in
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martinez just in the past half-hour. fire houses in clayton, well nut creek and clayton are also set to close. they voted last month to close the station in an effort to close the budget gap after rejecting a tax measure last december. >> here's some precautions we should be taking because of tonight's extreme weather. definitely keep the plants and animals warm. it's either right around or just below, but tonight, a few neighborhoods will be below freezing for several hours. that will be the key headline as heading into the overnight hours with temperatures droping down into the upper 20s to 30s to right around 40 degrees. the areas of frost, friday morning we talked about that earlier for the bay area interior. also up to the north bay and down toward the santa clara valley. tracker 2 radar you can see the snow showers very close to sea
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level. back in the bay area, the rain clouds have moved out of town with the cold temperatures and air mass still in place. it is 37 in fairfield, lower 40s for santa rosa and napa, 47 degrees, san francisco. cal stocka, and cataluma, 41. >> look at these numbers, upper 20s, santa rosa, mid 20s are in napa, santa ros -- san jose and san francisco in the upper 30s. >> set up on the settle light, showers this morning. big temperatures drop overnight, 20s and 30s as cold air filters in to nosh california. into the weekend -- northern california. >> a few extra clouds generated first thing saturday morning, but once again, saturday morning might be a little warmer than
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tomorrow. very cold with some front and sun cloud mix. here's our forecast model. 9:00 tomorrow, some showers. basically out to hour west and saturday morning, clouds partly -- partly cloudy. forecast tomorrow, very cold start, cool in the afternoon, upper 40s to lower 50s. san jose 53, and san mateyo 52. >> partly cloudy skies should be dry. cold on saturday morning. a few extra clouds by sunday. back to you. the 2013 silicone valley is now underway in san jose. hundreds of cars, cross overs are -- display. visitors can sit behind the
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newest models. the auto show runs through sunday. thank you for trusting ktvu clan twoel news. our -- channel 2 news. our coverage continues. the national debate on gun control. plus more in the effort to stay warm with temperatures near freezing. tmz is next on tv 36. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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